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International Church Ministries (ICM) is a non-profit organization created in 1986 to "plant churches, train foreign nationals and provide support and oversight to missionaries and churches in Europe and the former Soviet Union".

We now function not only in Europe, but globally currently supporting six churches in three European countries and missionaries in four countries.

Our Vision

"We are a corporation that is organized to glorify God by assisting in the planting and developing of Bible-believing international churches globally, wherein an environment of worship, Biblical instruction, fellowship, and evangelism can be created, whereby the believers can develop to maturity in Christ and be adequately equipped to do the work of the ministry."



ICM Supported Churches


Budapest, Hungary

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Moscow, Russia

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Moscow, Russia

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Leipzig, Germany

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Munich, Germany

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Starnberg, Germany

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ICM Supported Missionaries

R Kenneth Blake

A native of California, Ken spent his formative years in Fresno. He first felt God calling him to the ministry at a Billy Graham Crusade when he was 14 years old. continue reading →

Jeff and Averil Coleman

Colemans work in conversational evangelism, inductive Bible study, and worldview training in Dunedin, New Zealand. continue reading →

Constantin (Costia) and Alexandra (Sasha) Lysakov

Constantin Lysakov served many years with Cru in various leadership roles. He now is the lead pastor for Moscow Bible Church and Sasha serves as the director of social ministry. continue reading →

Alexey Obrovets

Alexey Obrovets serves as the pastor of Praise & Worship and Youth for Moscow Bible Church. continue reading →

Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov serves as the Director of Trinity Video Seminary based in Kursk, Russia. continue reading →

Viktoria Schlakta

Viktoria is preparing to serve as a Bible translator for the Khanty language in the Ural region of Russia. continue reading →

Oleg Shevkun

Russia. continue reading →

John Snyder

John I. Snyder is an international pastor, author, and conference speaker, currently working as Missionary Pastor at Starnberg Fellowship. continue reading →


IMPORTANT UPDATE – November, 2019

International Church Ministries, Inc., (ICM) is in the process of merging with International Christian Community - Eurasia (ICC-E). The ICM name will be absorbed by ICC-E. All missionaries and churches that ICM currently represents have been invited into the new partnership under ICC-E.

You should begin channeling your donations to ICC-E now. During these final months of 2019 both organizations are working together to assure good continuity. ICM will no longer process donations after December of 2019. The ICC-E web site is set up to handle credit card donations to all ICM churches and missionaries. Simply write the name of the church or missionary in the “Designation” box just below where you enter your mailing address. Or, you could donate by check or autopay from your bank.

Contact information for ICC-E:

website: http://icceurasia.com

P.O. Box 34035
Bethesda, MD. 20827
Phone: (301)514-7433

Online Donations: http://icceurasia.com/donate



Prospective missionaries interested in using ICM's support mechanisms should contact ICM President, Ronnie Stevens, at the following address:

P.O. Box 284
Norcross, GA 30091
(770) 689-8751

Board Members

  • James Arnold - France
  • David Bochman - Montana, USA
  • Alec Clelland - Germany
  • Jim Johnson - North Carolina, USA
  • Johnny Lawler - Georgia, USA
  • Ronnie Stevens - Russia/France
  • Rick Thompson - Illinois, USA


  • Diana Lawler - Administrative Manager
  • Ronnie Stevens - President
  • David Bochman - Executive Director